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Ergomotion® +Plus is pleased to announce that the ErgoSportive™ Smart Bed is the latest FIBO INNOVATION & TREND AWARD 2023 winner in the Lifestyle, Life-Balance & Wellness category.

This recognition is a notable milestone in the development of this innovative product. Conceived and developed by Ergomotion®, the world’s largest supplier and business partner in the Smart & Adjustable beds industry, the ErgoSportive™ Smart Bed is the “plus” missing from the Ergomotion® collection. It is currently available for purchase online and in select retailers in Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

It is innovative in its functionalities, in the type of experience it offers its users, and in how it promises to revolutionize the physical recovery of athletes or those who aspire to a healthier and regenerating lifestyle.

Congratulations to the Ergomotion®, Keeson Technology, and all teams for their involvement in this project. We are confident that more innovations are expected from us and feel more than capable of achieving that.

Nuno Figueiredo, Managing Director of Ergomotion® Europe, refers, 

“We are highly honored by this award. This recognition makes us very proud, as it certifies all the effort put into developing this smart bed. For us, it is a feeling of mission accomplishment and gives us even more desire to move forward with future projects. Always keeping an innovative and technological mindset, focused on creating new sleep solutions and responding to the needs of our customers.”


More projects are in the queue, and we hope to present them to you in a timely manner and distribute them worldwide to your homes.

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Erholsamer Schlaf jede Nacht

An ErgoSportive bed, engineered for peak performance and restorative sleep. With cutting-edge smart sleep tracking technology, this bed monitors your sleep patterns and provides personalized insights for optimal rest. Its automatic anti-snore system ensures uninterrupted sleep, promoting deeper, more rejuvenating rest.

Smart and adjustable bed that tracks your sleep activity.

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Verstellbares Bett mit Massage und zusätzlichem Lendenkomfort

An image highlighting the adjustable features and storage space of the ErgoBox adjustable bed, showcasing its versatility and functionality for personalized comfort and organization.

Adjustable bed with storage space

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