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FIBO GLOBAL FITNESS - Meet the first Smart Bed (Garmin connectable) designed for athletes

FIBO GLOBAL FITNESS - Meet the first Smart Bed (Garmin connectable) designed for athletes
Ergomotion® +Plus is happy to announce that, for the first time, the ErgoSportive™ Sleep System will be displayed directly to the public at FIBO, the world’s leading trade show for fitness, wellness and health, held in Cologne.

Participating at FIBO is a milestone for Ergomotion® since it will be the first public presentation in Europe. The expectation is also high for those preparing to be at Cologne from 13 to April 16, as this is the biggest fitness tradeshow in the world.

Sports lovers will be able to deepen their knowledge about the first Smart bed connectable with Garmin wearables. People will have the chance to know more, try it, and even grab the opportunity to acquire one of them under special conditions.

According to João Saraiva, Project Manager, 

“This is a great opportunity for sports enthusiasts and professional athletes to know ErgoSportive™. We have been selling this product online since late 2022 and the feedback has been very positive, especially when it comes to its recovery effect and tracking capabilities.”

The ErgoSportive™ System has been proven to be a landmark for people who are health conscious, and some recognized athletes are already using it as a part of their recovery routine. This is the case of Loic Vliegen, a Belgian professional cyclist who currently rides for UCI WorldTeam Intermarché–Circus–Wanty and uses the complete ErgoSportive™ system.


“As an athlete, one of my concerns is recuperation. I was looking for something to improve it. ErgoSportive™ helps me to improve this. I can follow my sleeping score and adapt my training. We can see the level of fatigue by following the average heart rate during the night which is a significant factor in sports. In addition, I feel very good in the bed as the mattress is really comfortable.”

He also refers that “I have now gotten into the habit of laying down in my bed after each training, thanks to the tilting function of the bed I can easily lift my legs in order to circulate the blood well, and therefore recover better.”

This participation at FIBO is in cooperation with Garmin Health, so anyone who visits the stand will be able to meet with Ergomotion® and Garmin® teams, who will be available to guide visitors to experience all products placed in the booth.

Both brands are enthusiastic about participation since this trade show is a great place to meet all players in the fitness industry and that contribute to a healthier society. An active and holistically mindful lifestyle is more important than ever and will be the focal point of FIBO 2023.

As a further testament to its benefits, the ErgoSportive™ Sleep System is nominated for the FIBO INNOVATION & TREND AWARD 2023, so we hope to come back with good news about this nomination.

Stay informed and prepare yourself to get your smart sleep by accessing https://ergomotionplus.com/ or check the Official FIBO Website and add our Exhibitor Profile to your planning list.

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