Adjustable Bed


The ErgoExpanding bed system offers increased comfort by extending the lumbar support area for a complete sleep experience with an easy-to-integrate design.

Expanding mechanism accommodates the mattress and improves lumbar support

Improves relaxation with the vibration motors

Comfort for your bedtime activities

Adjustable base with 4 preset positions

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Improve your relaxation before sleep

Prepare your body and mind to sleep using the built-in two vibration motors functionality, adjustable by intensity and duration, providing further personalization and relaxation.

  • Two independent vibration motors, one on the head and the other to the legs.

  • Adjustable by intensity and duration

  • Improves relaxation

Test your new bed for a trial period of 45 days!

Find your ideal sleeping position

  • Improve blood circulation and prevent the accumulation of blood in the lower extremities

  • Improve sleep quality and reduce tossing and turning by maintaining proper alignment.

  • Minimize the risk of muscle imbalances and reduce strain on injured area, facilitating healing.

  • Alleviate sleep apnea symptoms by promoting better airflow and reducing airway obstruction.

  • Relieve pressure on the spine, back and neck by maintaining proper alignment.

  • Minimize asthma symptoms by reducing congestion and enhancing lung function.

Built-in vibration massage

Experience ultimate relaxation and recovery

All Ergomotion® beds with massage function, are equipped with silent vibration motors. They provide targeted massage and vibration therapy to the back and neck areas.

  • Improved Sleep Quality

  • Enhanced Circulation

  • Muscle Relaxation and Pain Relief

  • Relieving Pressure on the Spine

  • Customizable Massage Options

  • Stress and Tension Reduction

Wireless Remote

Precise movement on a slick design

  • Head Vibration

  • Foot Vibration

  • Timer Function

  • Head articulation

  • Foot articulation

  • Zero-G Preset Button

  • Flat Preset Button

  • Preset Buttons

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An ErgoExpanding adjustable bed with extended lumbar support and an extension deck, designed for enhanced comfort and support. The sleek modern design integrates advanced features including massage functionality, while the extended lumbar support and extension deck offer additional support and customization options for optimal relaxation and spinal alignment.