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The sleep system that improves your recovery

  • Health Tracking

    Without the need to wear any device on your body, your smart bed will pick up your biometric data while you sleep and generate a report where you can analyze your health and sleep patterns, at your fingertips.

  • Real Time Adjustments

    The revolutionary automatic anti-snore systems allows your smart bed to automatically adjust your sleeping position when it recognizes snoring or apnea.

  • Your Sleep, Your Way

    The companion app for Ergomotion® smart beds allow you to set up a personalised sleep experience, coordinated with the movement of your adjustable bed base.


Gain insights for your overall sleep quality

Begin your quest towards improved sleep. Check your sleep score regularly to gauge your progress and determine what makes you sleep better.

10:00 PM Bed time
2:00 АМ Deep Sleep
3:00 AM Awake
4:00 AM Light Sleep


Sleep score


Gain detailed insights about your sleep

Gain full visibility and insights on your sleep data in an easy to understand and simple dashboard.

Heart Rate

56 bmp
24 hour average

Respiratory Rate

12.8 breaths/min
24 hour average

Sleep Movement

18 movements
10:03 PM - 5:45 AM

Total Sleep

7 hr 42 min
10:03 PM - 5:45 AM


2 times, 35 minutes
24 hour average

Calories Burned

1,265 calories
in past 24 hours

Check your ErgoSportive™ sleep report daily on your Garmin® wearable.

The Garmin integration transmits the daytime data from the watch to the ErgoSportive APP to get a 24 hour health overview.


Stress Score


Body Battery


Customize your Sleep Experience

Configure your sleep using the ErgoSportive App.

Gentle Wake Up

Say goodbye to morning alarms. Wake up in your favorite position, with a timed brightening light from the headboard LED or the massage function.

Smartphone Remote

Control your bed with your Smartphone, without the need of a physical remote device.

Gentle Lulling Experience

Sleep your way. Set a timer for your LED lights to gradually fade out as you fall asleep or run the massage function for a better lulling experience.

Sleep analysis

Check your progress

Reach your full potential by regularly
checking your sleep patterns while
slowly adjusting your habits

More App Features

The companion app allows you to do so much more with your sleep. Discover all features.

  • Stress Score

    Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, style, or even provide a review.

  • Body Battery

    Check your body batter every day and its impact on overall sleep quality.

  • Sleep Care

    Function that allows one user to know the sleep status of other family members.

Maintaining your health has never been easier.

Get into a complete 24/7 experience and improve your sleep, performance and overall health.

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