Health Benefits

Ergomotion Plus® makes a difference in people’s lives

General Health Benefits

Learn more about how to enhance overall well-being.

Acid Reflux

Blood Circulation

Respiratory Health


Reduce Back Pain

Reduce Swelling

Raising the head section of the bed will help reduce acid reflux, improving sleep quality overall.

Specific benefits

We understand everyone has different sleep and comfort needs, so we offer personalised adjustments for any occasion.


The power of our beds on maximising recovery and performance


The power of our beds on maximising recovery and performance

Limited Mobility

The power of our beds on maximising recovery and performance

Experience undisturbed sleep every night

An ErgoSportive bed, engineered for peak performance and restorative sleep. With cutting-edge smart sleep tracking technology, this bed monitors your sleep patterns and provides personalized insights for optimal rest. Its automatic anti-snore system ensures uninterrupted sleep, promoting deeper, more rejuvenating rest.

Smart and adjustable bed that tracks your sleep activity.

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An ErgoExpanding adjustable bed with extended lumbar support and an extension deck, designed for enhanced comfort and support. The sleek modern design integrates advanced features including massage functionality, while the extended lumbar support and extension deck offer additional support and customization options for optimal relaxation and spinal alignment.

Adjustable bed with massage and extra lumbra comfort

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An image highlighting the adjustable features and storage space of the ErgoBox adjustable bed, showcasing its versatility and functionality for personalized comfort and organization.

Adjustable bed with storage space

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  • Ten-year warranty

    All beds come with a 10-year warranty.